Mickey Mouse ©disney

"If you can dream it,

you can do it."


Walt Disney   

© Disney

Helping charities through art since 1987

By following my dreams I have had a career of doing the " impossible " , winning awards along the way . . .

. . . but I have also had a lifetime that has been touched by cancer. Some battles were won, some were not. Some are still being written.


The concept of combining my love of publishing art with an opportunity to help raise funds where ultimately the proceeds would help with the many facets of the fight against cancer is my new dream and purpose.








What if . . . the simple word "if" is our corporate mantra. For such a small word, it can present the greatest challenges. Innovative Fundraisers is meeting those challenges head on. Our logo reminds us of this purpose, the simple " I F ", arms joined together, demonstrating the teamwork of this venture.

Innovative Fundraisers logo

Bernard Loates Publisher