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Innovative Fundraisers is pleased to announce the newest member of our team,  the award-winnning Canadian Art publisher Bernard Loates helping us bring our fund raising goals to your community. Truly defining The Art of Giving™.

Mr. Loates' early philanthropy was noted in 1989 for his creation of the

John James Audubon Birds of America, M.Bernard Loates Edition. Loates pioneered a new achievement of excellence, screenless lithography. The release of these landmark Editions was acknowledged with a day named after him recognizing the excellence of his process. Proceeds benefitted the Audubon Society for their wildlife and environmental programs.


The limited poster edition, After Audubon, was released in 1999, with proceeds directed to charities throughout North America. Although this second series used standard lithographic screen, it was produced with a proprietary method of over twelve colours used as opposed to the standard four colour lithography process.


The Art of Giving™ continues the development of new art publishing programs which are offered exclusively through Innovative Fundraisers.

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a single purchase of art, helps find a cure for cancer? 


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