Frequently Asked Questions . . .

If you don't see your question answered here, please contact us directly.


what is the Easel Program, and how does it work?

Innovative Fundraisers places Limited Edition art in your community businesses and stores for auction. People can bid on the art displayed. The highest bidder wins the art displayed! Proceeds from the sale are donated to various charities (see Our Charities for a partial donation list).


what happens after I bid?


For your bid to be considered:

  • complete and sign the Silent Bid ballot from the Easel.

  • make sure that your bid is at least the minimum bid requirement that is posted. You may make your bid for any amount above the minimum bid requirement.

  • if there are no Silent Bid slips, you may print a blank one from here. After completing it must be placed in the Bid Box on the Easel to be valid.

  • the Auction Closing date will be shown on the Easel, make a note of the date, you will be contacted approximately a week after the closing date.


After the Auction Closing date:

  • the bids will be collected by the Easel Manager and the highest bidder is determined.

  • the highest bidder will be contacted within a week to make arrangements for delivery and payment.



why is there a minimum bid?

Innovative Fundraisers reserves the right not to fulfill any bid that is below their cost of the production, administration, shipping and proceeds to the various charities. The minimum bid that is posted by the art is the lowest bid amount that will be fulfilled by Innovative Fundraisers, any bid lower will NOT be fulfilled.


what if I'm not the highest bidder?
what is the Second Chance on the ballot mean?

If you are not the highest bidder at this Easel, you may be given a Second Chance to bid by selecting this option on your Silent Bid ballot when bidding. You may be offered the same art from another Easel location featuring that art. We will contact you once the Auction Closing date has been reached.


how can I pay for the art?

If you are the highest bidder, you will be contacted by Innovative Fundraisers directly. You do not pay at the Easel location. You may use your credit card (Visa, American Express, Mastercard), or Paypal​. Unfortunately we cannot deliver COD.


As the highest bidder you are obligated to purchase the art at the amount that you bid on it, plus, any applicable taxes and shipping costs. For shipping costs in Ontario, we charge a maximum of $25. All other locations will be quoted upon at the time of the transaction.


I thought I was the highest bidder but I don't think I got a phone call?

If you are the highest bidder, you will be contacted by Innovative Fundraisers directly. We will attempt to contact you for a minimum of seven days and leave messages (if your phone is able to record a message) for you to return our call, after which time we reserve the right to contact the next highest bid.






will I receive the exact item on the Easel?

You will receive either the item on the Easel or the same piece from our warehouse. If it is from our warehouse, it will be a different number in the Limited Edition than what was on display.


Why? Sometimes the art pieces on our Easels have been damaged or marred while on display and it is neccessary to replace your bid with a newly framed piece which we fulfill from our warehouse.


how will I receive my artwork?

When you are contacted for your payment information we will make arrangements for your artwork to be shipped confirming where you would like the artwork to be delivered. We use local drivers to personally deliver in the area where you placed your bid. We use couriers to deliver to farther away places, which may incur additional costs outside of Ontario.


what if the artwork is damaged when I receive it?

If you receive damaged artwork, please keep the origninal shipping box and all paperwork in order to receive a credit against an exchange for another piece from the same Limited Edition, if available, or another similarly valued piece that you select.


We do no offer refunds, only exchanges. Any damages must be reported within 24 hours for a credit to be issued.


do you sell other artwork that isn't on the website?

We do not show all of the art that we have available on the website, and we release new titles on a regular basis.


If you know the title, artist or have a thumbnail of the artwork you would like, please contact us and we will confirm if we can supply you with your selected artwork.